Julia B.Keleher Legal Fund

Since 1997, Julia has worked to advance the quality of public education. In her 22 year career in education, she has worked as a guidance counselor, teacher, school administrator, district superintendent, state chief, and federal programs official. Her work was her life and her life was her work.

If you ask anyone who has worked with Julia, they will tell you that for her, there were never enough hours in the day to advance the cause of improving teaching and learning or making sure that struggling students did not fall through the cracks.   She did not shy away from difficult decisions, she confronted the status quo and she refused to accept excuses.

Julia accepted the position in Puerto Rico because she believes access to a quality education can level an often uneven playing field. She accepted the challenge of transforming Puerto Rico’s public education system because she believes every child deserves access to educational opportunities that enable them to realize their potential and pursue their dreams.

Funding Needs

Julia has always been quick to lend others a helping hand and slow to seek help. However, her current situation leaves no choice but to seek assistance from friends and family.  The fund needs to raise funds to cover legal fees after Julia’s resources have been applied.

Use of Funds

Any donation made to this fund will be used to pay legal and related fees.

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