Unwarranted charges of public corruption hurt Puerto Rico.

The false accusations against Keleher have been used to portray Puerto Rico as a corrupt island, incapable of managing federal funds. This has the unnecessary effect of compromising the island’s ability to access much needed federal assistance – impacting not only regular operations but also post-hurricane recovery and reconstruction. Read Julia’s donation appeal letter here

View of Old San Juan

The JBK Legal Defense Fund will provide funding to cover the legal expenses Julia will need to incur to clear her name and demonstrate her innocence. In clearing her name, Keleher will help lessen the shadow of public corruption cast upon the island as a result of the July 2019 indictment.

As a result of the indictment and subsequent arrest, Julia has

  • Not been able to work or earn income in the profession to which she has dedicated the entirety of her adult life
  • Had to sell her primary residence and the residence she purchased while living in Puerto Rico
  • Used the entirety of her life savings and is drawing off of her retirement account
  • Been forced to move in with her parents, who do not have the financial resources to support her defense.

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The fundraising campaign will run through February 2021.

JBK Legal Defense Fund: Operational Details

Taxes: Donations are not tax deductible
Anonymity: Donors’ identities will not be revealed
Reporting: Annual financial reports will be prepared

Management: The fund will be managed by an independent trustee
Approved Expenses: Research, motion practice, IT services/platforms, administrative fees including client, attorney travel for case related activity and post-case activity.

Donations sent in the form of a check should be made out to:

Julia Keleher Legal Defense Fund

Checks can be mailed to the physical address provided below.

Questions can be sent to jbkdefensefund@gmail.com.

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